Coffee Facial at O'Skin Studio NY

Coffee, except your Barista is an Esthetician! Cafè Face Therapy at O'Skin Studio NY.


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About The Guru

Certainly not your average wellness blog! But surely your new refreshing source for regenerative reviews. As a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist, Manger of multiple luxury brands, Consultant, Coach, and Industry Leader, it’s safe to say I have been blessed to see the up’s, down’s, and everything in-between within the SPA, wellness, and regeneration industry.

On one of my first days practicing as an LMT at a nationally known spa chain, after days of onboarding, reading, and role playing “just in-case scenarios.” I had a client who had recently had a breast augmentation, as if I wasn't already trembling in fear, wondering if performing one of my first hands-on treatments and technique itself was going to be good enough. Little did I know I had to become an expert on another craft quick, and that was called “professionalism.” She completely dropped her robe, told me how recent the procedure was, and asked ever so nonchalantly “Do you think I can lay face down with these yet?” 

My career took off from there, mastering my craft of massage, which has included celebrity clientele, personal trainers, professional bodybuilders, models, TV stars, you name it!

All while moving into upper-management roles, being at the seat of operations and functionality, while coaching myself on self awareness with my own OCD... especially if a team-member forgot to turn on the diffusers!

I've managed multiple large-scale teams of Admin staff, Massage Therapists, Estheticians, Waxing Specialists, and most importantly handling you know… THE MONEY. 

Some years after I began managing multiple extraordinary teams, I stopped looking for a black and white answer to everything. I stopped asking myself “Where does it say how to fix this, by doing that? in my new hire manual." The answer is, it doesn’t. Natural leaders are born, hands-on, lead by example, and aren’t afraid to be just as vulnerable, as they are confident. Most importantly leaders know what to do, because they’ve probably lived through it, and if you’re anything like me, after the tears stop, you’ll make a joke about it, and move on to payroll.

I created The Spa Guru because well-being is my way of life. Work hard, relax even harder. I love diversity, and trying new things, and as it turns out, you should not use a derma roller while you have a sunburn.

Ultimately, I've realized the energy that you put into your craft, ideas, and business, is what the universe will put back into you!

My passion is learning, and educating myself with everything related to wellness, spa, regeneration, skincare, innovation, and anything that will lead to a higher state of well-being within the industry, for me, for YOU, and beyond! I also created TSG because I uniquely succeed at being myself. We live in a world where our very next life experience can be determined by an online review. Have you ever been a client in a relaxing waiting area, enjoying the sounds of nature, tranquil visuals, and a guy holding only a washcloth in front of himself comes and sits down next to you?...I have!

I hope you will enjoy this site, and my reviews, as much as I enjoy creating it.

Thank you for visiting, and taking this journey with me!

Sal Capizzi

The Spa Guru.



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