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Coffee Facial at O'Skin Studio NY

📝 Spa name: O’Skin Studio NY

🏬 Location: Astoria, Queens New York

📞 Method of Contact for booking: Call/Text

☎️ Phone Number: 347-335-5540

💻Website: https://oskinstudionyc.com/about-us

Booking responsiveness: Slow, a lot of back and forth.

💆🏼‍♂️ Service(s) Received: 70min Cafè Face Therapy (Coffee Facial) & Brow Wax.

💰Price: 105 Facial – 20 Brow wax

✅✅ What I LOVED: The atmosphere is very well done, bowls of fresh fruit were evenly placed. The walls are modern, clean, and are lined with a ton of products from LOSANIKA, MONAT and many others.

Whoever designed the waiting area is very detail oriented. From walking in you knew you were going to be provided a facial customized uniquely for you.

The facial itself was great. I had been wanting to try a coffee based/energizing facial for a while as my skin had been feeling heavy and I knew dead skin was prevalent from the cold New York City air.

During the facial, my esthetician explained everything she was doing and using. Lots of natural and fresh ingredients are used during this facial.

Did I snoop through the room and read ingredient lists? No. I knew by the smell of the products as they were being applied.

Post service, my esthetician herself asked me if I was interested in tea or water and brought it to me herself, which was very nice. She also sent me home with a few sample products a nice touch that not everyone does, but everyone loves!

I walked out with the Losanika exfoliating coffee scrub, which has aloe to calm the skin, and honey to detoxify the skin as well.

This can be purchased online from O’Skin Studio itself at:


🥴🥴 Nobody is perfect: Booking was choppy – When I called there was no answer, but when checked my phone a couple minutes later to find a text message from the staff asking me if I was interested in an appointment. Ratchet, a little. But as a manager and revenue generator, I would send a carrier pigeon to secure an appointment. The tap cold booking process was 100% made up for by the in-house customer service and experience! O’Skin Studio has a very warm and knowledgeable desk staff, and they even make you tea. Treatment room was cold and plain jane, which veered me off course and back into reality of being in NYC which was different from the upscale feel of the lobby.

⚠️⚠️ Overall: This facial was a great and unique alternative to a traditional microdermabrasion. My skin peeled and flaked for the next few days, which is a normal occurrence from a professional exfoliating treatment.

As always drink a lot of water and moisturize your skin like crazy after any exfoliating facial or treatment. I tried my best to follow the rules of the esthetic gods, but instead I ended up in Vegas a couple days after this treatment. My skin continued purging itself in the cold January, dry, desert air.

I eventually found myself in a Sephora on the strip buying a Dr. Jart sheet mask to calm my skin down. This is also a great best practice for dry flaky post treatment skin, even if you aren’t a hot mess.

Guru Report Card:

Cleanliness: 8/10

Friendliness: 10/10

Service: 8 /10


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