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LED Therapy + CryoFacial at Chill Space NYC

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

📝 Spa name: Chill Space NYC

🏬 Location: Upper Eastside, New York, NY

📞 Method of Contact for booking: Email

☎️ Phone Number: 212-661-3400

💻Website: https://www.chillspacenyc.com

Booking responsiveness: Took a couple of days from my initial email inquiring about services.

💆🏼‍♂️ Service(s) Received: Chill Space Glow + CryoFacial

💰Price: 95.00

✅✅ What I LOVED: Chill Space NYC’s LED Glow + Cryofacial is like being a part of summer and winter all in one sitting. I had originally wanted to try the CryoFacial, but while I was getting on the table my esthetician suggested I upgrade to the LED Glow which extended my time, and enhanced results.

From what I know about LED light treatments, is that this treatment can address wrinkles, acne, elasticity, collagen production, redness, and inflamed skin conditions at a cellular level over time. My esthetician gave me a pair of light blocking goggles and placed a total face contraption over my head. It kind of looked like a device that you would see in a SAW movie, and it covered my face completely with a massive amount of red LED lights. I was covered with a blanket, my esthie set a timer for 20mins, and left the room. I was left to relax and let the red-light therapy work with my cells.

One thing I will say about the surroundings during this portion of the treatment was that some in-room spa music, or soft rock would have been nice. The room was completely silent, and the check-in desk is located right outside of this particular treatment room. Which didn’t make for the best unwinding scenario.

Time was up for the LED glow portion, my esthetician came back into the room, and it was time for the excitement of the CRYOFACIAL to begin. She pulled out a cryo-gun, explained to me what was going to take place, educated me very well on the benefits of this treatment and we started. At first it was a shock, but a fun and exciting shock like when you find a 5th chicken tender in a 4-piece meal.

My esthie had an amazing technique while freezing CO2 blasted against my face, and I did not feel uncomfortable once. I can see where a treatment like this could go south if you are dealing with someone that held the gun in place for too long, or didn’t know what they were doing. But rest assured my favorite part of this treatment was my esthetician’s technique making a flawless figure 8 treatment around my eyes with the frozen air. I could almost feel any existing bags, puffiness, and swelling disappearing from around my eyes. This is probably the Rolls Royce of facial depuffing treatments, and I enjoyed every second of its uniqueness.

It is important to note that the Cryo-Facial treatment is only 15 minutes. Of course, for a specific reason. I would personally love for this 15min treatment to be incorporated at the end of 50min, or 80min regular facial treatment. Imagine reaping all of the benefits of a classic facial and putting a solid, and chilled twist at the end of it! I know it has to exist somewhere, and I’ll find it and report back.

We finished up the treatment and I went into the bathroom to look at my face. It was glowing, and there was no redness! For the how extreme the treatment sounds, my sensitive skin looked and felt great.

Below are the listed benefits of the Cryofacial from The Chill Space NYC website:

Stimulate collagen production, Reduce wrinkles, Tighten the skin, Reduce pore size, Decease puffiness, Alleviate eczema and psoriasis, Increase skin elasticity, Improve blood flow and circulation, Lighten dark areas under the eyes, Alleviate acne, and Ease post-surgical pain and discomfort.

🥴🥴 Nobody is perfect: Booking responsiveness time via email took a couple of days from start to finish. I actually had to follow up, to see if my appointment was confirmed. The addition of music in the upper level treatment rooms would be great!

⚠️⚠️ Overall: We are on the cutting edge of innovation and uniqueness in the spa, and regeneration industry. Chill Space NYC certainly has the menu of solid treatment options to live up to the upward direction that this industry is going!

For additional details about The Chill Space’s atmosphere itself, please check out my previous blog post at


Guru Report Card:

Cleanliness: 8/10

Friendliness: 8/10

Service: 10 /10

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