• Sal Capizzi

Good Fish to the Rescue! Snacking done right during COVID19

Darling, if you didn’t gain 10 pounds at the beginning of the COVID19 global pandemic are you even living?

Like most, I had a healthy, focused routine pre-covid which included a 4am wakeup, 5am gym routine, 9am work, rinse, wash, repeat.

When we were all told to go home and stay there at the beginning of the March 2019, like the rest of the working world I was living in a delusional space inside of my head. I often thought to myself “Wow! these two these weeks off are going to be amazing!” “This will be a nice break from upkeep, live a little.”

Fast forward 4 months and most of us are still at home, irritated, judgmental of everything we see on the news, and heavy. Yeah, I said it HEAVY. Snacking should be a medical condition, and if you’re anything like me, you are addicted to salty crunchy snacks.

At the end of my second month being home I knew that I had to stop eating mayonnaise off of a spoon. I knew I had to start making better dietary choices. The party was over, and I did not want a home health aide washing under my newfound folds at 29 years old. I was on a mission to find a snack with crunch, and flavor, that wouldn’t make me depend on a cattle hoist to get out of the tub.

While browsing online for “Healthy Snacks” I came across an ad for a company called Good Fish.

I spent some time on their website trying to figure out if I was truly interested or disgusted by the thought of eating crispy salmon skin in place of a potato chip. I thought to myself “what the hell” and placed an order for a variety started pack.

Astonished, these chips pack exactly the crunch I was looking for and they are very flavorful. This dynamic snack was very well thought out and is certainly can be categorized as high quality.

Good fish currently comes in 4 flavors which include tart cranberry, chili lime, sea salt, and spicy BBQ. My package arrived and I was feeling both excited and scared to give these chips a try. I thought I was going to be the next kombucha girl meme.

First, I tried the sea salt flavor which in my opinion was the only “flavor” that I was able to notice a fishy taste with. But it was not bad at all, and it is the “plain” version.

The best flavor of the bunch is the spicy BBQ, so crispy, so flavorful, so addicting. If you are not looking directly at the snack you wouldn’t even know you’re eating fish skin, and you will quickly finish the bag before you know it. With only 90 calories, and 7 grams of protein per 1oz bag Good Fish is a unique indulgence that you won’t feel guilty about!

The company uses salmon from the United States (Alaska) and maintains their brand standards by using wild caught salmon, organic, and non GMO ingredients and flavorings. This offers peace of mind to the conscious snacker.

Good Fish can currently be purchased directly from the website at:


Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

Wear your mask and enjoy good snacks!