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Kylie Skin... Is totally in!

The only way you wouldn’t know about the Kardashian/Jenner crew is if you’ve been hiding in the stone age, and if that’s the case your skincare routine is likely hiding there too!

When Kylie Skin launched in 2019 it sold out in minutes. However, skincare pros and estheticians alike could not get behind Jenner’s line.

I am a KardashiFAN - So naturally I had to get my hands on the full line and give it a spin for myself. To my surprise, I had received the full-sized line as a Christmas gift, and I am so glad I did.

I used every product for 6 months and became addicted to seeing the look on people’s faces when they commented that my skin is glowing, and I got to tell them I’ve been using KYLIE SKIN!

First things first – Packaging is no frills. All items are a unique matte pink with white text to bottle labeling.

“Girly,” but would definitely catch the eye of someone with modern and sleek taste. The 2019 starter kit came with 5 full sized items which included a foaming face wash, walnut face scrub, vanilla milk toner, vitamin c serum, and a moisturizer.

Step 1: The Foaming Face Wash was nice and light. Regularly I use a cream cleanser, so this was a change for me. I don’t wear makeup so I cannot speak to its actual deep “cleansing” abilities. However, I do have combination skin and my skin did not feel dry, or tight after washing with this cleanser in the shower, which is always a good sign!

Step 2: The Walnut Scrub is an unexpected and pleasurable twist to a traditional exfoliator!

I love it! Historically when I think exfoliator, I think of big clunky particles dragging across my face and for whatever reason that feeling takes me back to being in a random guy’s shower and having no other option but to use his 8.99 St.Ives apricot scrub.

This walnut scrub changes the game, it is almost a micro-exfoliator. I have sensitive skin, but this product does not irritate my skin at all. The crushed walnut is almost like a very fine sand. I used this product twice a week with results that do what they’re supposed to do… Slosh away the dead skin for a refreshing glow!

Step 3: Vanilla Milk Toner, Pour it all over! No don’t, it’s sticky.

I’m a huge fan of vanilla and this toner packs a refreshing yet non-overbearing vanilla scent. This toner is moisturizing but personally, it felt sticky during application. However, once absorbed by the skin it was fine.

Also, the white ‘milky’ consistency threw me off. I wasn’t sure if I should put this in the fridge or leave it out year long. Disclaimer, it’s been non refrigerated for 6 months and it is doing just fine!

Step 4: The Vitamin C Serum underperformed when it came to longevity. The bottle is noticeably smaller than the other products. Even when applied once a day with a single pump it vanished months before the other products. It is 28.00 for the .7oz (full sized) bottle making it the most expensive product of the line. I would say an additional bottle would perfectly get you through to the end of the other products. Application of this serum was great, went on greaseless, and absorbed very quickly.

Step 5: The Moisturizer. My skin seems to clog very fast depending on the moisturizer that I use, some are just too heavy. The Kylie skin moisturizer is not heavy or greasy at all and it has a very nice glide to it. My dramatic skin took to it very well, and it did not cause any heaviness or clogged pores.

Overall, Kylie Skin is great, but by no means is it “clinical” skincare. This line makes no claim to reverse the effects of sun damage and does not force you into purchasing more than you need to which I love, Because we all know the “This eye cream only works, if you use the 15 other products from our brand beforehand” sales rep.

The Vitamin C serum will not replace a more potent serum like the forever favorite ‘CE Ferulic’ by SkinCeuticals.

The ‘no frills’ aspect of the KS line is perfect for its target audience and anyone that does not have pre-existing troublesome skin.

If you have combination skin like I do, are not prone to severe breakouts, and if you are in the market for a great skincare line that is not confusing to use at all, I would suggest giving the KylieSkin line a try!

This line is available for purchase at Ulta, and directly from https://kylieskin.com


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