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Lymphatic Fanatic! My first time getting a Lymphatic Massage at Omorphia Spa NYC

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

📝 Spa name: Omorphia Spa NYC

🏬 Location: Astoria, Queens New York

📞 Method of Contact for booking: Random Call

☎️ Phone Number: 718-662-8675

💻Website: https://www.omorphiaspabeauty.com

✅ Booking responsiveness: Fast, and very knowledgable.

💆🏼‍♂️ Service(s) Received: Lymphatic Drainage Massage w/ Ultrasound

💰Price: 85.00

✅✅ What I LOVED: When I called to inquire about making an appointment I was a bit hesitant as this was my first time booking a Lymphatic drainage massage. My nervousness flew out the window when the member of the desk staff seemed to be more knowledgable, and reassuring than any review I had read online prior to calling. My Therapist Marjorie, who I have since been back to see 4 times... is incredible. She is skilled with the ultrasound wand, and her hands. Immediately she knew what had to be done. Okay fine, I'll confess here for public record... I had recently had lipo, and she looked at the treated areas and told me with no prior in-depth knowledge "Your Doctor did the laser lipo here, and traditional lipo here." For someone to be able to point that out by the way the skin looks, and feels within seconds of seeing the area is quite the skill. I was Highly impressed, and she made me comfortable the entire time. She eased into the session, and explained to me everything she was doing each step of the way. After we were finished, she had asked me If I wanted to see the area, and if i'd like a picture taken for progress. I gladly gave her my phone, and let her take a picture. I was so impressed by the overall experience, but mostly by the immediate reduction of swelling (Check photos below.) I booked my next appointment at checkout!

🥴🥴 Nobody is perfect: Sometimes the checkout system can be a little wonky, and take some time. The walk up the stairs to the suite which the spa is located can be tiring after a long day, but if it'll make you feel any better, count the trek up as leg day, and after all... this is New York freakin City.

⚠️⚠️ Overall: The staff here is warm, friendly, certainly down to earth, and relatable. There are regular clients who swear by their practitioners entering, and exiting this SPA frequently. Majorie, and her skill-set are gifts from god.

✨Omorphia Spa offers a full-service menu which includes: Massage, Facials, Brows, Both No frills, and Luxe options. ✨

Lymphatic massage is taking the regenerative industry by storm. It releases built up toxins, reduces swelling and fluid retention, and can speed up the healing process after surgery. I will say Omorphia Spa is a 1 hour commute for me coming from Manhattan, but there is a key factor that made me want to give it a try in the first place. The addition of the ultra-sound assist, which is good for breaking up scar tissue, and adhesions during the healing process. Also helps to minimize the dimpling, or rippling effect of the skin after lipo!

Side note: Please for the love of everything make sure you drink a lot of water after your session, to help dispose of all of the toxins, that this specific treatment releases.

We are slowly seeing exclusive Lymphatic Massage boutiques + new, and exciting add on's popping up in major cities such as LA, NYC, Houston, London etc. for example - 'The Tox' ..dont worry, they're on my list! And with celebrities, most recently the queen of everything good Trisha Paytas, promoting this service, I am so sure that Lymphatic massage, both for medical, and for our over the top vanity reasons is here to stay!

Overall SPA Scorecard (1-10)


Spa Quality/Facilities: 7

Desk Staff

Responsiveness: 10

Booking: 10

Ease of Check-in/Out process: 6


Therapist/Practitioner Knowledge/Quality: 10

Therapist Level of Service: 10


Quality of Treatment: 10

Effectiveness of Treatment: 10

Options of Treatments Offered: 6


Spa Products Used: 5

Total: 84 /100


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