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KANA has Purple Rice, and everything nice.

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

If you’re on the hunt for a vegan based, cruelty, and paraben free skincare line search no more. Mid-2019 I discovered a unique line of hemp-skincare by the name of KANA.

If you’re passionate about skincare like I am, you’re usually in a store smelling every new product you come across, examining it, and pulling out your phone to see how many reviews, and star ratings it has received on google, or another “Karen’s” beauty blog. And then if you’re anything more like me, you’re diligently searching for a picture of “Karen” to figure out her skin type, and if what works for her would work for you.

I’m here to give you my point of view on a magical sleeping mask, called The Purple Rice mask by KANA, which currently has a line of hemp-based facial oil, epidermal growth factor serum, an original lavender sleeping mask, and my beloved Purple Rice sleeping mask!

At first glance while sampling KANA’s Purple Rice mask you can tell it is very unique by the consistency. It is a deionized water-based gel that absorbs immediately into the skin. It combines Cannabinoids, Green Tree leaf water, and Chamomile for a unique calming effect on the skin, which is great for irritated, and sensitive skin.

I use it after my cleanser, toner, serum, and as the last step of my night-time skin regimen. I personally keep it in the fridge. It has an extremely unique and refreshing consistency which makes it feel amazingly fresh when kept cool, and then applied to the skin.

Two key ingredients that make this staple product unique is the Purple Rice extract, and Licorice root, which come together to form a new bond preventing the breakdown of Hyaluronic Acid within the skin, and to smooth fine lines. Also, the reason why I feel so plumped, and baby soft after using it!

The moment you experience smelling this product you’ll be saying “I’ll take two!”

The refreshing, and non-overbearing addition of coconut oil in this product makes it smell incredible. Not only will it make your skin feel like it’s being treated to a high-end spa treatment, the aromatic effects will relax your mind in a second.

You may have noticed I keep on referring to this product, and its quality as “refreshing,” and that’s because it is. We are in a time of heavy lotions and creams and with millions of choices and so little time, you can often become a kid in a candy store. Often times we are sold on an expensive cream that feels too heavy, oily, or rich. KANA’s PRM offers light-weight hydration, at a reasonable cost of 65.00 - I have found it to be my end all, be all. Especially during spring, and summer months when your skin does not want to be buried under a down comforter of 245 dollar moisturizers.

The entire KANA line can be found both online, via www.kanaskincare.com

and in retail stores such as Bloomingdales, Dillards, Anthropologie, and Sephora Europe



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