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Rolls Royce of Massages at THE TOX

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

📝 Spa name: THE TOX

🏬 Location: Upper East Side, New York NY

📞 Method of Contact for booking: Website

☎️ Phone Number: 917-319-9858

💻Website: https://www.thetoxnyc.com

Booking responsiveness: Fast and easy.

💆🏼‍♂️ Service(s) Received: 60min Master Tox treatment

💰Price: 295

The Tox is a speciality studio taking over major cities throughout the country. This company is shining a well deserved spot light on a technique called Lymphatic Drainage. I went to check it out.

✅✅ What I LOVED: From ease of booking, warmth of the desk staff, knowledge of the practitioner performing my treatment, to the results. There was not a thing I didn’t love about my experience at The Tox.

Intake was very modern and high-scale, I was offered an iPad to complete a digital client intake form upon check-in, the desk concierge gave me a detailed run down of what to expect and offered me water.

From there my practitioner greeted me and took me into a booth to start the master tox treatment!

The treatment itself was awesome, When I walked in the room it was set up with a sealed dry brush (that you get to keep,) Some branded towels that were perfectly folded, and the table was warm! My practitioner explained to me everything that was going to happen, and the service began.

During this treatment your legs, arms, back, and stomach are worked on both manually by the practitioner and mechanically from their custom machine.

My practitioner had an amazing skillset and it was clear she has been practicing her craft for a while. While she was working on me my body wanted to fall asleep. But every time she was done manually working, it was time to go over the areas with the lymphatic machine which snapped me out of my massage fog.

The machine is a thrill and it didn’t hurt at all. I could compare the feeling of the machine to a gentle suction. Essentially, it’s drawing the toxins towards the skin and then massaged in a stroking motion in a way that your lymphatic system will circulate to have you pee out later.

When the service was over, my practitioner asked if it was okay to take a picture on The Tox camera for their website and social media. Of course, I said yes (Pic below.) I was impressed the extra water weight and bloating I had walked in with seemed to disappear and it was noticeable in the before and after pictures that I saw. I was told everything to do, and not to do for the rest of the day. This included no overly salty or sugar foods, and to drink lots of water to better assist in the excretion of the newly unearthed toxins.

🥴🥴 Nobody is perfect: The Tox is a startup finding its way across the country, including New York City. It is gaining its image, reputation, and popularity. The one drawback of this experience was that the service is not done in a private room, rather it’s done in a private “booth” separated by a long velvet curtain (with a high class feel.)

On this particular day during my service and treatment, the spa itself was quiet. Practitioners were not loud or rambunctious. Other patrons were considerate, but with the treatment areas only being separated by a curtain. I can see a busier day getting a bit noisy and effecting the experience of someone’s 300+ dollar treatment.

Would love to eventually see a Tox studio with private rooms for this base price point.

⚠️⚠️ Overall: We all know the saying “You get what you pay for” well, The Tox experience makes the seemingly hefty price tag worth it.

From a great environment to results that you can see and feel seconds post service, every hard-earned cent spent at The Tox is well worth it! I would categorize Tox treatments as performance based, as their custom technique is a type of a results driven lymphatic massage and is in no way a fluff and buff. If you’re looking to listen to waterfalls during your treatment your best bet is to put your air pods in and turn on TLC’s crazy sexy cool album.

The staff here knows what they are doing from start to finish and it is worth mentioning that a lot of hard work, and training went into providing this type of treatment!

If you would like to know more about Lymphatic Drainage, the benefits, or hear about my first experience at Omorphia Day Spa with a manual technique post lipo, head over to https://www.salthespaguru.com/post/lymphatic-fanatic

Guru Report Card:

Cleanliness: 10/10

Friendliness: 10/10

Service: 10/10


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